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Ethically Spy on Your Visitors with Real-Time Visitor Recordings, Heat Maps, & Conversion Optimization that is Guaranteed to Increase Engagement and Sales.

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See EXACTLY What Each Visitor Does Instantly When They Hit Your Page, and Gently Persuade Them to Do What YOU Want Them To Do!

It’s kind of like looking over their shoulder as your visitors move around your site, make a purchase, sign-up to your list… or click away. You’ll be able to…

  • Instantly see when, where and why they leave the page…

  • Which parts of the page turn them off…

  • The ‘blockages’ that are preventing the sale…

  • and with that kind of intel you’d be able to remedy any web page in seconds.

Multiple Types of Heat Maps for Precise Intel

Heat Map Tracker provides accurate visitor heat maps, user-behavior & conversion optimization for better user-experience, engagement and sales…

You don’t need to know a single thing about product launches. You don’t need any existing email list. You don’t even need a website!


  • By Clicks

Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what “you think” they are clicking.

Are people clicking your images? navigation? primary or secondary call to actions?

  • By eye tracking

Watch how the visitor’s eyes are drawn to certain areas on a page.

Are they going to specific parts of the page you want them to? Do you need to redesign a certain element on the page to help draw their attention to it?

  • By scroll

Using our overlays, you can see what your visitors are clicking versus what “you think” they are clicking.

Are people clicking your images? navigation? primary or secondary call to actions?

Watch LIVE Visitor Recordings & Analyze each and every visitor experience to see how they are interacting with your website or specific pages.

White-Label Rights! No Restrictions, No Limitations!

Provide your clients with site analytics and quickly make your initial investment back in a matter of a few days!

Fully Rebrandable

Create Sub-Accounts for Clients

to Clients


Updates &

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UPDATE: 50 14 Only 9 Licenses Left!

Heat Map Tracker is the perfect compliment to RebrandApps
(or any website for that matter)!

Our software will TELL YOU what’s working and what needs to be tweaked.

You can carry on as you are… marketing in the dark and throwing stuff up online just hoping it sticks.

You can get real marketing intelligence to give you a serious advantage. Now you can patch up those profit leaks and instantly improve conversions.

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  • How long is this deal available?

This offer is available for the first 50 members. After that this price will increase to our regular monthly price of $497.

  • Where is the data stored?

The heatmap data is stored on whichever server the Heat Map Tracker software is installed on. You can choose to have it on your own server or a clients (or both).

  • Is there a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! You can test drive Heat Map Tracker for 30 days.  For any reason if you are not satisfied you can get a 100% money back guarantee.

  • Will this work with all of my Rebrand Apps?

Absolutely, HeatMapTracker is a perfect compliment to RebrandApps. Start getting traffic to your sites and then tweak your pages as you watch how your visitors are interacting with them.

  • Are there any limitations?

No! You can install Heat Map Tracker on unlimited servers, domains, client & personal sites, while gathering unlimited page views, visitors and recorded sessions.

  • Are there any monthly/yearly fees or hidden charges?

Absolutely not. This is a one time investment and you will gain lifetime access to the software and all of the upgrades/enhancements we make.

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