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Reinvented the Live Chat Application!

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BoxCar is the most robust live chat application that enables marketers to improve customer service, build their list and generate sales like never before!

  • Easy Setup

    Easily integrate BoxCar with any website using a simple, copy & paste embed code. WordPress users can install a pre-configured plugin that contains all of your customization options.

  • Automatic Translation

    The web is global, which means many of your visitors may speak different languages. Utilize our Google Translate integration, which will translate your visitor’s message, as well as the message you respond with.

  • Agent Management

    Control which websites each agent can access and conduct chat sessions with. Seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents.

  • Call-to-Actions

    Help drive your visitors to take action, by utilizing a pre-defined or custom call to actions. Push email forms, buttons and links to your chat conversations to collect leads and sales.

  • Chat Designs

    Select from a range of professional chat designs of which are fully customizable, to include your branding, colors and more.

  • Canned Responses

    Create canned responses of which your agents can utilize to help streamline your chat sessions and respond more effectively to common questions.

  • Chat History / Management

    Manage multiple chats, across all of your sites at one time. Keep a chat history to reference previous conversations with each visitor.

  • Chat Status

    With the push of a button, you can change the chat status that your visitors will see, based on your Agents availability or hours of operation.


Contest Prizes

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Subject: BoxCar is LIVE… (Charter Access OPEN)
Subject: Live Chat…but for MARKETERS! (Charter Access)
Subject: Live Chat…w/ Unlimited Sites, Agents + Chats!

Tired of paying for chat applications with
loads of limitations and PER AGENT plans?

So were we! But not anymore…

A new software that JUST has been released
to the public, is reinventing live chat.

For a short time, you can have access to
“BoxCar” and install live chat on your site

– Unlimited Personal Websites
– Unlimited Agents
– Unlimited Chats


BoxCar also comes with the normal Live Chat
features most other platform include, PLUS
amazing features geared for Marketers…

[+] Call-to-Actions

Be able to push a call to action to the person
you are chatting with, LIVE while you are chatting
with them.

Push things like Lead Capture Forms, Buy Buttons,
Images, etc…direction in the chat box (this is

[+] Canned Responses

Create a set of canned responses that you can send
with just 1-click.

[+] Automatic Translation

Be able to chat with anyone in the world, regardless
of their language. Have your chat automatically
translated on the fly so you never lose a sale due
to a language barrier.

[+] Chat Designs

Using some psychology behind our designs, they have
created a number of professionally designed widgets
that will get the users attention and entice them to
start a conversation with you.

[+] Chat History / Management

Be able to look back at any conversations you had
with a person a day, week, month or even year ago
to help pick up where you left off the conversation.

[+] Chat Status

With 1-click you can turn your chat widget from
Online to Offline if no agents are available to
chat with your visitors.  Don’t worry visitors can
still leave a message for you when you get back.

[+] Agent Management

Have multiple agents handling chat?  Pass any
chat conversation to another agent direction from
inside the platform.

…and a TON of other really neat features!

Hurry though, because the Charter Access which
including unlimited sites, agents and chat is NOT
going to be around forever…

Grab your Lifetime Access Now:

To your success,


Subject: 7.5x Boost in Conversions…with this SIMPLE Widget!
Subject: Simple Widget = 7.5x Conversion + 55% per Customer BOOST!
Subject: Talk to your Customers in REAL-TIME…

Want to hear something crazy?

7.5x Increase in Conversion…
80% Reduction in Transaction Costs…
55% Increase in Purchase Order…

PROVEN, by simply using Live Chat on your site.

Online businesses big and small have proven
that talking to your prospects and customers
in real-time, just flat out WORKS!

It sky-rockets customer support.
It builds a personal connection with your customers.
It creates an army of raving fans.
It makes customers want to continue buying from you.
It gathers vital insights and feedback.

…the list goes on and on!

So I ask you…

Are you using live chat on your site(s)?

If not, start TODAY – and watch the impact it
has on your business, IMMEDIATELY.


Now I’m sure you are use to seeing chat solutions
who charge an insane amount of money.

Charging per agent (which adds up FAST) and
locking features unless you pay a lot more.

Well not anymore.

BoxCar has just been released, with a suite
of features we as marketers LOVE – at a no-brainer
of a price.

Features like…

[+] Customizable Chat Designs
[+] Chat History / Management
[+] Agent Management
[+] Call-to-Actions
[+] Automatic Translation
[+] Canned Responses

The best part…

You can use BoxCar on Unlimited sites, Unlimited
agents and Unlimited chats.

Now you can start leveraging the power of
live chat – without paying an arm and a leg.

But this deal will be gone SOON…


To your success,

Subject: Seriously…Software that Pays for Itself?
Subject: We’re ONLINE…
Subject: We’re Here…Talk to Us!
Subject: Want Happy Customers?  Secret Inside…

How cool is it when you see a little
chat box in the lower left hand corner…

With a little message saying “We’re Online!”


It’s showing a few things to your prospects
and customers.

#1.  You Care.

That you want to take the time, money and
resources to actually get to know your
prospects and customers.  That you want to
connect with them on a personal level and build
a professional relationship.

#2.  You Want their Feedback.

That you encourage your prospects and customers
to share their feedback, suggestions and advice
to help make your product/services and overall
business BETTER.  Half of business which most
business do is LISTEN!

#3. You’ll Be There.

That if you customers get hung up or have a
questions, that you’ll be there to answer it
and keep your customers happy.

Start chatting with your visitors, prospects
and customers LIVE in a matter of minutes…


Want to know the best part?

Chat software literally will pay for itself
with the increase in conversions and decrease
in refunds/unsatisfied customers.

Right now – you can get BoxCar, a Enteprise-Level
live chat application, at a budget for any business.

With no worries of limitations…

Install live chat on all of your websites.
Add unlimited number of agents.
Manage as many live chats as you would like.

Charter Licenses are available right now, which
means you can actually grab BoxCar at a ONE-TIME
payment for life!

Better go now though, as there are only days
until this offer EXPIRES…


To your success,

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